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I love to work with different materials and with different techniques: oil, watercolors, ceramics, building small conceptual installations. 


My personal life has been, so far, my only inspiration for my Art: my struggle to fully accept my own homosexuality, my deep connection with my beloved deceased mother, my facing my own physical mortality, my unique relationship with death and my immense Love for Sicily. 


Partial silhouttes of bodies appear on the surface of my canvases: limbs, necks, heads of solitary beings or who try to interact with each other by encamping portions of space. Every broken body, every disarticulated limb is a sign of a bond that can never be understood, whether it concerns beings in their intimate or social interaction. A powerful metaphor links this kind of works. The bond between people, affections, acquaintances is placed in front of our eyes not in a homogeneous but jagged way, as if alluding to the difficulty of life, to the multitude of emotions and personal experiences that often grip us.

On the other hand, in the last period, I’ve been working on a new concept introducing colored figures too. The past few years my attention has been focused on the difficult pandemic time that we are living in. In Italy the lockdown was really severe. We couldn’t see no one except the beloved one with whom we lived together. During this pandemic another sense has been mutilated: the touch. So, in my canvas, colored shadows appear next to the visible people which have closed eyes or sun glasses. Some people see in those figures the missing ones. Others see the possibility of trying to communicate with others in a more empathic way that transcends our senses: perhaps the language of the heart. 


My Art is connected to my Sicilian origins too, from the sculptural and the figuration that sink their origins in ancient Greece. Thus the contrast between the background and the "sculpture/humanoid" represented in my works lets emerge the universe of those faces and those uncut busts that float above the parts.  Solitary, silent, majestic, they tell us about ancient history, broken lives, worlds and cultures that have infused us with the soul of philosophy and our current knowledge. "Human remains" caught when the decay appears, broken due to the passing and becoming of time that permeates all incessantly. Silent and majestic they tell us of ancient history and vital present in which it manifests itself.

But at the same time they can embody the figure of contemporary Gods. The human being has reached so many incredible achievements. But in the last few years, a small and invisible virus has stopped us. We are like fallen gods who are awakening in a new world.


In my creative work, the metaphorical force is subliminal. Happiness is an aspiration that beauty promises but no one can guarantee. Through art I try to reconstruct the pact between need and desire, limit and possibility.

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